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Unique Mentorship Supports Prestigious Scholars

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Fares Akremi (BA '15), 2014 Rhodes Finalist

The Rhodes Scholarship is famously prestigious — and famously competitive. Only a select group are recognized as finalists, vying for one of just 32 Rhodes scholarships for young Americans at Oxford University.

A past finalist himself, Fares Akremi (BA ‘15) has a unique understanding of the experience awaiting candidates interviewing for the award. His 2014 finalist selection was the result of months of hard work — writing multiple drafts of a personal statement, collecting letters of recommendation, and participating in endorsement and mock interviews prior to his Rhodes finalist interview in St. Louis.

Four years later, his career took him to the right place and time to offer support (and coffee) to MU student Rebecca Craigg, a 2018 Rhodes Finalist, before her in-person interviews in Chicago where Akremi worked.

Akremi would go on to offer mentorship and support to all of Mizzou’s subsequent Rhodes Finalists (four in all). Distance offers its challenges — he now works in Washington, D.C. — but his phone calls, texts and emails have still provided invaluable support, as did an in-person meeting with Mizzou’s Fall 2019 Rhodes finalists during a trip to Columbia.

There are very few people that can offer the insight Akremi can to his fellow Rhodes Finalists. Because of Akremi’s mentorship, there will be a few more.


Alumni are an essential resource for current students. Whether it’s unique expertise, career advice, or just a supportive shoulder, Mizzou students are always in need of mentors that can help shape their experience and growth outside of the classroom.

If you’d like to be available as a resource to current students, consider registering as a potential Mentor through the Mizzou Mentoring program.  By filling out a profile, students seeking mentorship will be able to match with you based on your location, career field, or other criteria.


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