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MAA President's Welcome Letter

In my job as chief people officer for the YMCA of Greater Kansas City, I develop strategies for engaging communities to support the Y’s mission. As the Mizzou Alumni Association’s new volunteer president for 2018–2019, I plan to do the same for my beloved alma mater.

I’m always asking how we can ensure that all who attended Mizzou and the parents of our students are engaged. We have to have all the voices at the table. And I’m talking about all the dimensions of diversity that make Mizzou so strong: veterans, new grads, the LGBTQ community, various ethnic and racial identities, international alumni, and our senior alumni.

Since the early 1990s, I’ve enjoyed working to build emotional connection and loyalty to the university, starting with the Black Alumni group. In about 2006, I took part in a focus group discussion of how Mizzou could better serve alumni. Being included in a dialogue about the future excited me, and in 2016 I supported the grassroots effort to revive the Mizzou Black Alumni Network.

My family roots at MU run deep. More than 15 of my family members are Tigers, including my husband, Andre Putman, and children, Cierra Putman, BJ ’08, Minnie Allison, BS ’11, and Andre’ Putman II, who is on track to graduate in December.

During my presidential term this year, I’m looking to ask tough and sometimes uncomfortable questions, and to make smart, hard choices. I believe that work will enable Tigers to build a stronger community together. Mizzou has a place for everyone, and we need you! Will you join me in making Mizzou stronger?

Andrea Allison-Putman, BS BA ’85


Mizzou Alumni Association

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