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Crystal Anniversary

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

A few weeks back, I reached the 15-year mark of serving as executive director of your alumni association. I felt such gratitude upon being selected for this role during Homecoming Week 2004, an emotion that continues to this day. The symbol for a 15th anniversary is crystal. Although I’m not sure if that tradition holds for alumni relations, the past 15 years (24 overall) certainly have “crystalized” my love for all things Mizzou.

Every team meeting where we welcome a new staff member includes a moment when each of us shares what we like most about working at Mizzou. My answer: “I came because of the mission, but I stay because of the people.” The abiding relationships with staff, university colleagues, volunteers and members enrich my job daily.

In a world where short-termism is increasingly common, I enjoy the long-term nature of our work on behalf of Mizzou and our alumni. I believe that, in many ways, the future of our university depends more and more on deep and enduring relationships. I’ve reached the point where I’m seeing student leaders from my early days grow into alumni leaders. That’s satisfying. And scary!

Mizzou has achieved new levels in fundraising, research, enrollment and athletics — all with the support of alumni. Yet more work remains. As the University for Missouri, we can’t settle merely for providing students the experience of earning a degree. Looking forward, I’m excited about the role Mizzou will play in the lives of alumni.

Thank you for the important role you play in the Mizzou family. I’m fortunate to be a part of it and serve in a small way.

Todd McCubbin, M Ed ’95

Executive Director, Mizzou Alumni Association

Twitter: @MizzouTodd


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