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How Joining the Mizzou Alumni Association Benefits You

Mizzou grads share a common bond. Our time at the University of Missouri has led to experiences like nowhere else. We can still smell that slice of Shakespeare’s pizza, respond to every M-I-Z with a hardy Z-O-U out of habit and search for Mizzou Homecoming on football schedule cards. Mizzou’s diverse and devoted alumni have each contributed to shaping Mizzou’s history through the decades.

The Mizzou Alumni Association strives to keep these memories alive and allow Mizzou grads to connect and share their affinity for the University of Missouri.

Joining the alumni association makes you eligible for a variety of individual benefits such as the annual wall calendar, MIZZOU Magazine, merchandise discounts, and other perks. But, have you ever stop to think how your membership Makes Mizzou Stronger?

We all have a special place in our heart for Mizzou. This time of year, memories rush back as students start back to classes and football is right around the corner. For many reasons, your time as a student was transformational and it’s important to you the Mizzou experience remain strong.

We take our role very seriously. Thousands of alumni invest in Mizzou each year through alumni association membership. We distribute those funds to support the university and provide alumni programs and communication. While individual benefits are nice, the overwhelming reason our members join is the collective benefit is provides the university. The association is how thousands of graduates can join together to support Mizzou.

As a graduate, you have a vested interest in MU’s future success. In turn, students of today depend on the success and support of alumni. It’s a wonderful cycle and the tie that binds.

As you consider what you can do to Make Mizzou Stronger, I invite you to join the alumni association. The individuals benefits are fun but the collective benefits to MU last forever.

For Mizzou,

Todd McCubbin, M Ed ‘95

Executive Director, Mizzou Alumni Association


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