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3 Things to Know about New MAA Volunteer President Ted Ayres

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Ted Ayres, JD ‘72, is looking forward to bringing his Tiger pride and passion to his new role as Mizzou Alumni Association President. His term begins July 1, 2016. Learn more about Ted in the Q&A below.

What is your favorite Mizzou memory?

“I have to say that my favorite Mizzou memory revolves around the game of football. To say that my fall weekends were devoted to the college game experience would be a huge understatement. From 1969 through the season of 1983, I never missed a home football game.

“I have fond memories of walking across campus to and from games sometimes marching along with Marching Mizzou as they headed to Memorial Stadium and certainly the highs and lows of the various games. [I have] memories of The Heidelberg, where we generally started the day, and Harpo’s or Déjà Vu, where we ended the day. In this regard, the season of 1975 was special because that is [when] I got to know Marcia, who later became my wife.

“I was spoiled somewhat by that first season in 1969, when the Terry McMillan-led Tigers won the Big 8 championship. The home game against Kansas State University in 1969 was particularly memorable as McMillan and KSU [quarterback] Lynn Dickey squared off throwing [touchdown] passes right and left.  Mizzou got the better of the Cats that day and it was the second best Mizzou game I ever experienced. The best game is another story!”

What was your favorite campus hangout? “During law school, I would have to say it was Tate Hall, then home to the School of Law. While ‘favorite’ is perhaps not the right word, I can say that for three years, I spent the greatest part of my time in the library stacks trying to keep up with my more talented classmates!

“During my work career, my ‘favorite’ hangout was the second floor of University Hall, where the General Counsel offices were. I [started] the day with coffee or tea down in the breakroom with my colleagues from the office and other folks employed in the building.  I would also note that playing City League softball and basketball with my university friends provided many great memories; these friendships remain today, even though I left Columbia in 1984.”

What are three things you hope to accomplish as MAA president?

“This varies from day-to-day, but generally speaking, my biggest focus will be directed to helping the University and the people that make the University of Missouri a living institution by their various contributions of time, talent and treasure learn from the experiences on campus over the past 12 months or so.

“I believe that the Mizzou Alumni Association (MAA) and the alumni we represent are critical in helping the University regain its sense of purpose, direction and pride.  While it has been a difficult time, I believe the university has been given an opportunity to get better, stronger and more relevant.

“I would also like to make the MAA a better source of information, pride and achievement, representing and benefiting alums and the university.

“Finally, I think it is important that MAA be focused on providing service, support and succor to our current students so that they can have the best learning and social experience possible, creating relationships with people and entities that will continue for a lifetime.”

Read more about Ted Ayres.


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